Slovak Union Catalogue of Periodicals
Catalogue of Periodicals
Katalóg periodík Catalogue of Periodicals
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Document Identification: The maximum amount the user can lend is 15 volumes
top-right corner, e.g. 26.B.4688, S.B.35423. Documents with SK call number are archive and will not be loaned. See note below.
if present

Periodicals (last 8 years) please do order in the online library catalog. Last 3 years are available without ordering in the reading-room.

Personal Data

(Library Card nr.)

Lending Order

The list of periodicals from the library fond, which are permanently damaged and not available for lending: (in .xls format)

Periodicals are loaned for in-library study only.
Bounded periodicals will be ready on 2nd library floor, entrance Venturska street at bounded periodicals desk.

The maximum amount the user can lend is 15 volumes.
Documents with "SK" call number are archive and will not be loaned, with exception of regional periodicals published after year 2003 (law about mandatory impress). They are loaned for eye-view only, after the directors of library activities or accredited agents acknowledge. The library decides about loaning and loan type.

Titles or annual sets of periodicals, of which exists a backup copy or microfilm, wouldn't be loaned in the original copy.

For detailed information call library at +421 2 20466 354, send e-mail to, or visit bounded periodicals desk at librarys 2nd floor.